Fabric Sample Swatches (Free Shipping)

We encourage our dear customers to place an order for a sample if they are not sure about a fabric's color, content, and thickness. Pictures can not show all of the details of a fabric!

Please adjust the quantity to the number of fabric samples requested and email info@topfabric.com with the list of product styles and colors you would like (you can also write out the list in the notes section when in the shopping cart before checkout). Samples are $7.50 each with free shipping! We will refund you the price of the samples when you make an order and send the samples back before 30 days. We ask that you send them back when you no longer need them so that they can be reused. Please read the following paragraphs completely about the Samples Return Policy. We try to be as green as possible here at Top Fabric.

If you have a problem placing an order for sample swatches, just send the name and the color of the fabrics you would like to have samples of them to our Email Address: "info@topfabric.com"

Do you need a one-yard cut of fabric as a big sample? Please check our Backyard Sale pages. One-yard cut of some of the fabrics is available at the cheapest prices!


Attention Please:

- We will refund the purchase for the samples if the customer sends them back within 30 days after the date of the sample's order. We can not accept any refund request after 30 days. https://topfabric.com/pages/top-fabric-refund-policy

We'll Refund Your Purchase For The Samples If You Placed An Order For The Fabrics And Sent The Samples Back Before 30 Days

For the purchased sample and swatches below $50, we will refund you in full for the total amount of your purchase price paid and as long as they are returned before the 30 days from the date of your purchase.
However, for the order samples of more than $50, we will only refund 80% of the customer's purchase price.  If customers placed multiple orders during 10 days for samples and the total numbers of the samples were more than 6, we will refund 80% of their payments.
In the case of the international sample returned orders of more than $50 then we will only refund 60% of the customer's purchase price.

To order sample swatches please follow the instructions below:

On the Sample's page:

 - Change the quantity based on the numbers of the samples you would like to order.

-  Click on: Add to Cart

- On the pop-up page click on Checkout

- At the checkout page, in the Note to Top Fabric section, please type the name and the color of the fabrics you would like to have samples of.

- Continue the Process...

If you have any questions feel free to send us emails to info@topfabric.com.

Please Do Not combine Samples and Fabric in the same Order.

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